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While it was announced as a gamma optimizer, which in itself is plenty valuable, I would like to comment on the high quality of information posted inside the chat room. Leo has built rather advanced volatility analytics, and posts such as his volatility cone data would be deemed as valuable even for the big fish institutional accounts out there. Great resource for us all, pros and novices alike!
"Xenia/KGBgir" EWT Room2016-11-18
This is flipping Awesome thanks again :)
mikejermiIn EWT Room2016-07-20
Thanks Leov. You are an exceptional writer. One of the best I have read. And I read a lot of writing. Your ability to make the complex simple is paramount.
Ransom EWT Room2016-01-23
If you haven't traded options, I can't think of many better ways to start than with his insights to back you up.
"obwn" EWT Room2016-11-30
Leo. I am really enjoying your book so far...I like the pace you're carrying me thru it...I get the sense you are talking to me in the words. Good stuff...only about 30 minutes into it so far but it has elicited greater interest to continue reading. Thank you
Giuseppe EWT Room2016-02-05
Awesome tool to visualize/optimize strikes. thx!
Misty33 EWT Room2016-03-15
Very cool tool Leov. Thanks.
Mike_G EWT Room2016-03-16
many thanks for your help really appreciated that sort of application would be of tremendous help
Vonarx EWT Room2016-09-27
ford8n47 EWT Room2016-09-27
truly your mathematical mind is a gift. we are lucky to have you here
MONEH_PENEH EWT Room2016-09-27
Soooo much more than "volatility frown bad". Thanks Leov! Notice that I always seem to mark your posts to follow. I look forward to your site too.
obwn EWT Room2016-11-02
I can't wait for your full blown website as well. As Avi has said before, this is amazing analysis.
Lulzasaur EWT Room2016-11-02
Grazie Leov very very valuable indications!!
MADMAX EWT Room2016-11-03
I love this tool thank you again
Knowledge101In EWT Room2016-03-17
Thank you - this keeps getter better and easier to use.
EagleEyeIn EWT Room2016-03-17
Fantastic tool Leov, thank you.
DNRBIn EWT Room2016-03-21